Le fragole del Baltico, an insight into Latvian contemporary art


One of the most interesting realities of the Milanese cultural panorama is la Fabbrica del Vapore. Literally, the name means steam factory and, in fact, this cultural centre arose within the walls of an old engineering industry reconverted at the end of the century into a beautiful space that since the ‘80s hosts many different art and cultural activities. Among these in 1978 it was founded Careof: a no profit organization born with the aim of promoting contemporary art.

Next week it will end a very peculiar exhibition inaugurated on the 9th of June and organised by kim?, the contemporary art center of Riga and hosted in the spaces of Careof. The exhibition was initially conceived for the Latvian pavilion at Expo 2015, but due to the cancellation of the Latvian participation at this international event it had to be totally rethought for the space of Careof. Even though it does not comply Expo’s theme, it is by right the representation of the Latvian nation in Milan.


The exhibition called “le fragole del Baltico” has been curated by the creative director of the kim? Zane Onckule and the Italian independent curator Simone Menegoi. They brought  to Milan 10 Latvian artists,  the majority of which have never shown before in the Italy, they are: Ēriks Apaļais, Jānis Avotiņš, Ieva Epnere, Kaspars Groševs, Ieva Kraule, Inga Meldere, Daria Melnikova, Ieva Rubeze, Krišs Salmanis and Ola Vasiljeva. In overall, this collective exhibitionion does not want to seek a conceptual unity, as Menegoi points out, but to show the individuality of the artistic works through a wide range of medium encompassing painting, sculpture, video, photography and performance. Nonetheless, the curatorial choices manages to create a homogenous display, which leans on the strong empathy of the artists with the landscape that mirrores an elusive taste that really describe the contemporary Latvian artistic taste.

Roberta Capozucca about.me/ Sara Cattaneo about.me

“Le fragole del Baltico. Latvian contemporary art, Careof, Milano, June 9th- July 19 2015”

Photo courtesy of Careof

Find the italian version here: Le fragole del Baltico, uno sguardo sulla lettonia contemporanea 

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