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September.Tate Britain. London.

After visiting  the exhibition of Gary Hume, very cold, I got a coffee before going visiting the Patrick Caulfield’s (1936–2005) retrospection then, quite disillusioned, I went into the first room.

That feeling immediately disappeared and I began discovering in each painting one different world, many different feelings from Caulfield’s genius.

In his art works you can understand what he wanted to represent: the real life, the real feelings  and peculiar characteristics of the different places, that everyone can recognise.

The modern urban world is preferred to human figures, inspired by Hopper, Juan Gris and Fernard Legère.

You can imagine the people who lives in the houses or that hang out the different locations, such as an elegant coffee.

But the thing that I appreciated the most was that, on the contrary of what happens with others contemporary artists, you can see his great drawing and pictorial knowledge and capacities.

Elegant colors and graphic lines characterized his works, but also a mixture of styles including trompe l’oeil.

In fact, above all in the painting after 70th, you can see the mixture of his typical pop art representations with beautiful drawn of landscape, flowers, objects that look like photos. In reality, he preferred to define himself as a “formal artist” from Modern Master and not associated with Pop Art.

The works of the first room were made in the middle of 1960, after his studies at the Royal College of Art and the famous exhibition at Whitechapel Art Gallery in 1964, called “The New Generation “.

In the last room you can admire his latest works before his death in 2005, that I appreciated the most. These are so real.

A wonderful exhibition, curated by Clarrie Wallis, helped by the brilliant  and comfortable atmosphere of Tate Britain.

Elisabetta Chiono

Photos of paintings by © The estate of Patrick Caulfield. All Rights Reserved


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