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“It’s such a brilliant idea that I can’t understand why nobody did it before”

Stacey Pierson, Curator

This brilliant idea is by Bernadine Bröcker, who created Vastari is a web platform, launched in January 2013, to connect private collectors and curators.

Purpose of the project: to simplify connections between the two sides, in order to facilitate loans for temporary exhibitions.

Vastari Logo

The website allows collectors to create a digital catalogue of the artworks they own, not only paintings and sculptures, but even jewels and ancient prints. Lists of works are examined by museums curators, who are verified and approved by Vastari team. This procedure is used to avoid the posting of commercial messages to collectors. Furthermore, to preserve their privacy, the website uses a server with high security standards, the same used for medical and financial sector.

Curators have two ways to operate: contact collectors because they are interested in specific pieces or they can post ads about exhibition projects, in order to be contacted by collectors who own related artworks. | search, connect, exhibit

“At the moment subscribers are about 650: around 500 collectors and approximately 150 museums. Among them, some of the ten most visited museums of 2012. Our target for the first three years is to reach 1% of the 55.000 museums and 800.000 collectors counted by ICOM” explains Francesca Polo, member of Vastari.

The website is currently free, but from next year an annual subscription fee will be introduced for private members.

Elisamaria Covre

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